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The Quest Board!! - Closed

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 4, 2013, 2:50 AM

This Magic Scrying Pool allows you, the Visitors of Misty Vale, to watch as Plush Dragons attempt Great Feats of Valor, Heroic Deeds of Greatness, Quests of Glory, and Battles for Pride & Honour!

Cheer in awe as they uncover Treasured Secrets of Ye Olden Times. Quiver in Fear as they face terrors of the Cloth! Weep when they Fall Astray of their paths. And Rejoice as they return Triumphant! For a Dragon once beaten, is a Dragon twice motivated.
~Via the comments below.


Interested in sending your Draconic Companions out to Explore, Adventure, or Quest? Then here is what you need to know:
Suggested Uses of the Quest Board

Bullet; GreenQuests
The Royal Dragons, from time to time, will give out Royal Tasks to those who please them.
These can be miniscule errands or epic journeys, but they always come with rewards for success.
To begin a Quest, speak with the Dragon giving it out.

Bullet; GreenAdventures
Periodically, the Master Tailors will ask the assistance of Travelers such as yourself to locate missing items, such as
Cogg's Turnkey, or seeds for the Garden of Wonders. These may or may not carry rewards, which can be of varying value.
To begin an Adventure, speak with the Dragon or go to the location giving it out.

Bullet; GreenExploration
Often, neither of the previous options will be available for you, or perhaps you simply wish to better learn the nooks
and crannies of Misty Vale. You are welcome to send your Dragons out to venture on their own, in search of a desired item.
Star! To begin your Journey, please go to the Misty Vale Map and follow the directions present there. Have fun, and enjoy the viewing everyone!

Bullet; RedBe Warned!
There are Dangers in the Mists of the Solemn Woods. Any Dragon who leaves the protective shelter of the Vale itself will face these difficulties, and may come to some harm. Of course, being plushy they are easily repaired. You will never lose your Dragon permanently, nor will it die from these dangers. Simply be warned that they do exist, and they do threaten your Dragons well being.

Known Dangers include:
Stained & Ripped Cloth
Lost in the Ever-Present Mist
Wild Trickster Dragons
The Bone Hag
Dark Shadows
Domestic Trickster Dragons

Known Quests include:
  • Bullet; Blue Bahamut:
            - Reward:
  • Bullet; Blue Alexandra:
  • Bullet; Blue Mr. Coggs has no Solitude! Noes!  Find him something to deter visitors.
            -- Reward: x3 Golden Piles of Coins
  • Bullet; Blue Poseidon: Needs a Knightly Duty. Take him with you!
            - Reward: Highly increased chances of success and loot.
  • Bullet; Blue King Keli-on:
            - Reward:
  • Bullet; Blue Hermes:
            - Reward:
  • Bullet; Blue Dragon:
            - Reward:
  • Bullet; Blue Dragon:
            - Reward:
  • Bullet; Blue Dragon:
            - Reward:

Known Adventures include:
  • Bullet; Yellow Exploring the Fel Lands (go to the Ancient Shrine with a Fel Coin and Lantern)
        - Reward: Fel Dragons and Treasure
  • Bullet; Yellow The Bone Hag is looking for a new Hide (Visit the Bone Hag with a Dragon)
        - Reward: Your Dragon becomes an Essence Dragon
  • Bullet; Yellow IMD - Island of Misfit Dragons. These Dragons are looking for new Companions. Are you one? (use the Application to take one home today)

Misty Vale & Shadow Glade

Please Read! - Misty Vale - Adventure and Tour by DRACODOPTABLESWaterlogged Map - Shadow Glade by DRACODOPTABLES
*Limit/Maximum of three Dragons + One Royal per group*
Click the Map to begin exploring!

NEWS STAND.........Stay Informed!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 4:33 PM

THE NEWS - As brought to you by Hermes & Tweet

Here you will find current news, extra scraps and tasty tidbits, as well as up and coming events.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Active or Still Waiting? :bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
Affiliation Requests : Closed
Friend Trades : Closed

Tailor Made Dragons : Temporarily Closed (till end of breeding season)
Item & Feature Shoppes: Open
Adventures/Quests : Closed (till end of breeding season)

Egg Adoptions : Open
Island of Misfit Dragons : Please use IMD Application.
Epic New Quest : The Fel Lands are being explored without you! :eager: Join in!

 :dummy: BREAKING NEWS:   :dummy:

:new: Just a quick update, to stem some confusion.
As a First Pick Breeder, when you adopt an Egg from your own Breeding, you use the form in the How-To.
As a General Adopter, when you adopt an Egg available for General Adoption, you give the information asked for in the 'Adoption Requirements' section -- All other info is added after successful adoption.

This confusion has (hopefully) been amended in the How To. Anyone who has already placed an Adoption Attempt today prior to this post will simply have the excess information ignored. We apologize for the Confusion Monster's Wild Rampaging. That is all.
:wave: Hello, to all our New Travelers! :wave:

The Eggs are coming! Brace Yourselves!! :iconbraceyourselfplz:

Miraculously, all of the Eggs have already been stitched together!
Further miracles include that only one application was denied (good work all), and only one Breeding failed! :party:
Your Eggs are expected to arrive on Wednesday, the 19th (providing the Master Tailor can get on-line to post them). Remember, no pushing, no shoving, and no poking. The Nursers will kick you out of the Hatchery for such behavior.

ALL OF YOU: Please go and refresh yourself on the proper method of claiming Eggs from a Breeding Season. Step #5 at the How To's of Drakey Breeding…

First Pick Breeders: You will have three days to claim your Egg. After that they will be open for General Adoption. ONLY first pick breeders, as registered on their applications with the Nursers, may choose Eggs at this time. You have Three Days. :|

Everyone Else: AFTER the above three day period, the Eggs are available for the rest of you (those who did not breed, and did not have first pick) to choose from. First Pick Breeders must wait seven days before they can choose a second Egg for themselves (this also applies if you turn down your first pick). So everyone else, you will have a three day wait from the time the Eggs are posted before you can claim them. After seven more days, the Eggs become open to all, whether you have an Egg or not.

To clarify once again;
day 1-3 : first pick breeder selection
day 4-10 : general adoption for non-breeders and partners
day 11+ : first pick breeders can pick through the remains for more Eggs.

Now, to Field a few questions, so you don't all need to ask me again. 1. Yes, the Quest Board is still closed. It will open after Egg adoption is wrapped up. 2. Yes, Kelpie Season is next, so get ready! 3. Yes, the rest of the Profile's activities are still open, so go play. :eager: 4. No, you can't wait to add something that is required for an Egg to hatch. if you try, one of two things will happen: You will not get the Egg, or will will choose something random to fill that requirement. And you definitely don't want a Dragon named "I didn't get a name" or worse. ;)

Don't forget the Master Tailor's Garden, every Wednesday, and the Fel Lands on the 13 and 28th of each month. :boogie:

:new: Button, Button, Who's Got The Button? -Still Open- by DRACODOPTABLES Button, Button has a fantastic prize right now! :la: If you haven't tried your luck yet, go now!! There are still a couple of unclaimed buttons. ;)

Lastly, hoping to see lots of Entries for the New Kelpies that have appeared! The word minimum is only half a page, so give it a try! Details at the Kelpie Ring. :iconkelpieplz:
Kelpie Ring - Valentines Offering Open To All by DRACODOPTABLESMr Douglass Dourpus by DRACODOPTABLESMis Arika Luvboog by DRACODOPTABLES Species Luck Rating Limit has been waved for these two! :wave:

* Ready to Adopt *
Got a Dragon looking for a different flock? List them here.

Pui Pui - saiyan-frost by DRACODOPTABLESEtheleia - by DRACODOPTABLES <<Looking for a New Flock! Note us!

$ Dragon's For Sale $
Drakey Boy - For Sale -- $6 by DRACODOPTABLESDrakey  - For Sale - $4 by DRACODOPTABLESMr. Gears - For Sale - $15 by DRACODOPTABLESSlumber Bound - For Sale - $35 by DRACODOPTABLES

\o/  IMD Highlighted Dragon  \o/
Use the IMD Application to bring this Dragon Home!
  Application to Adopt from Island of Misfit Dragons"The Mists Hide an Isle,
Where Sleep Dragons of the Vale,
Seek your True Companion,
Frozen in Time..."

The Island of Misfit Dragons. Where Dragons in need of new Companions rest until they are found once again by the truly dedicated.
If you think you are a suitable companion, with time and space in your Flock to properly attend to another Dragon, then you may apply here for a chance to become their new Companion.
What qualifies as Proper care of a Dragon? Several things must be done regularly for your Dragon before it is considered to be properly cared for.
-Interaction with You, their Companion. After all, you travel all the way here through the Woods and Mists to see them, right?
-Participation in Events. This includes Adventuring, Contests, Use of Interactive Locations, and so on. There is always something going on.
-Fulfilling their Dreams. The Point of this Game is to adopt a Basic Dragon, and then collec
4th Gen; Girl; Noxious Breath; Beterra is a very laid back Leafy. She prefers to be singing a song or dancing to a tune rather than working. She loves to spend time with her father. They sometimes have 'breathing' contests to see who's breath smells the worst. :giggle:


:new: Drakey Breeding Season is here! :dance:

So line up your partners, refresh yourselves on the how-to's, say a fond farewell to your old Drakeys, and get ready for some new ones! The Nursers will begin taking applicants on Sunday the 9th, DA Time. Early sign up will be ignored, and may result in lowering of Luck Rating. Sign up closes on Saturday the 15th, DA Time. Don't forget your Breeding Aides!

  Drakey Breeder List by DRACODOPTABLES

*Each Nurser has the right to add more slots as it sees fit to do so, and may on a whim.
In the past, particularly interesting pairings, bribery, extra effort (such as courtship), very good applications, and superb politeness have all tickled the whims of Nursers. So don't be afraid to try, even if the slots seem full. :nod: They might make a special opening just for you!

**If your Dragon is a re-adopt which has only just come into your care, there will be only a 50% chance of it crossing the Dragon's Gate. Though I'm sure you all know this already. ;) **

 :lol:  STALE NEWS:   :lol:

We are back from our absence. :nod: The Bad News? There is only ONE of us with time to run the place. So, yes, it will be slow as molasses. The Good News? We've simplified a lot of things, to make everything easier for you and us. Let's get into the details, shall we?

If your Dragon was waiting for an update, to hatch, return from a Quest, or so on, it has already been handled. Go look! Now, we do have a large mass of comments to get through, and expect to find lots more stuff to update in and among those, but if it was officially on our to-do list before being absent, it has been done, with a couple of exceptions due to a lack of information. The Fairground Poll winners need to let us know what prizes they want. The trick or treat event (at Amrathine) results have been added to the Shelf Shoppe list, you'll find them in the Item Shoppe Gallery Folder (as per norm).

We have some handy dandy guides ready for you all to enjoy and make use of, you should see them in your mail center soon!

The Nursers have been slimmed down to absolute minimal numbers. The remaining Nursers have very specific types of clutches they will tend to, be sure to check that out. With this new change comes a change to any Nursers which are part of a watcher's Flock. Nursers, and why you want one:  Nursers will share the same lifespan as other Drakeys, but you will no longer have to collect eggs for them to learn to raise. If you are lucky enough to become a companion to a Nurser Drakey, that Nurser will tend to the Eggs of your Flock year round. Yep, you will be able to breed your Drakeys all year long if you have a Nurser! They will be able to tend to a clutch of Drakey Eggs roughly once a month or so, do enjoy~ The only exception is Raaha, who has also been made an official member of the Hatchery Staff. Congrats! S/he will only be able to tend Eggs from it's flock when the Drakey Breeding Season is not upon us.

The Master Tailor's Garden has been totally revamped, and is now being managed by the Leafy Hemlock. Details can be found at the deviation below. There are some great reasons to collect plant materials, just look at the trade-in list!
:iconhemlock-plz:+Hemlock  - yurizemira by DRACODOPTABLESThe Master Tailor's Garden - Open Wednesdays by DRACODOPTABLES  Garden Swap Meet by Hemlock-plzMixing Pot Station by Hemlock-plz

The holders of tickets A00203-Z and K00953-Z are the Winners of the Raffle for the Carousel Dragons! Congratulations, now go visit them, claim your prize, and add some details! :dance:
L.E. Carousel Drakey - Dewy Douglas - yurizemira by DRACODOPTABLESL.E. Carousel Drakey - Mishka - shadow7-7 by DRACODOPTABLES

There are still some lovely Limited Edition Little Alibis available for anyone interested, you can find them here>>
Limited Edition Little Alibis 2 by DRACODOPTABLESLimited Edition RED PANDA Little Alibi by DRACODOPTABLESLimited Edition Little Alibis by DRACODOPTABLES

Ignorance is Always a Choice by DRACODOPTABLESDracodoptables Stamp by two-smokes

Be sure to check out our Affiliates, they also have wonderful Adoptables! You will find them on the front page / profile.

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TheFoolPlz Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
While the sub has run out,
and the vale seems empty,
though dragons do slumber,
and gremlins munch files like crazy,
the Tailors are healthy and
working just fine,
restoring lost stitches,
mending rent cloths,
recovering corrupted files,
it's all really quite a lot!
The world is quite busy,
and much needs restored
have patience and candy,
as even Dragons get bored. ;)

[UPDATE: Life has been hectic, but the Master Tailors are well. A gremlin named Balu S. Kreen made an enormous mess of everything, chomping files into itty bitty bits, hiding others, generally wreaking havoc on anything it got it's grubby little mitts on, and the Master and Veteran Tailors are working hard to fix it all in the little spare time from life which they have. All intentions of returning remain, though a date for such event cannot yet be had. You are all missed, and the inhabitants of Misty Vale hope you are doing well. We apologize for the long absence.]
TheFoolPlz Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Draco wants to let everyone know that they are having difficulties with some Blue Screen issues, and are in process of remedying it (and recovering lost files).

They will be back! In the meantime, keep playing. Visit the Garden every Wednesday, place Wishes at the Wishing Well, Comb the Beach and Wade/Fish in the Waterway, interact with each other and have fun~ Everything will get answered and replied to as soon as they can.

Those who do so may find extras!

Wishing everyone well,
An Apprentice Tailor
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