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Welcome to Misty Vale, Land of Plushy Adoptable Dragons

IMD - Mr.PeeblesBockwood - by DRACODOPTABLES
"An Egg is always an Adventure; the next one may be different."
-Oscar Wilde


:iconllamaautumnplz::iconoakleafplz: ~Autumn~

Kelpie Breeding, Pumpkins, Candy Corn Little Alibis

:icondragonhiplz::new: If you are New to Misty Vale;
:bulletblue: Welcome to the Dragon Adoption Center!
:bulletblue: Dragon Species
:bulletblue: Help + FAQs
:bulletblue: Dressing your Dragon for Dummies
:bulletblue: Directory Listing
:star: Your Luck Rating
:rzero: Gift Shoppe :buymyprints:

Chat Room Laws
If we are online, we may also be in here!
Le Moustache Stamp by Leafbreeze7

Watch us Work from the Tailor Shoppe Window!

:dummy: I want to order something! :dummy:

:star-empty: = confirmed :star-half: = in process
:star: = complete, awaiting posting

Tailor Made Orders :star-half:
---Pet Peeve Raffle - In Poll :star-half:
---Tashawasha - Prize from Pearl
---Experimentor-Iblis - Olaf Drakey :star-empty:
---Hatter Tea Party Prizes :star-empty:
---FionaVanyel - Backgrounds
---Update Sheep :star:
---IMD Red Pearl Raffle :star: - Winner: yurizemira
---Kalik-ing-Away - Garden Supplies Order :star-empty:
---Experimentor-Iblis - Celestial Potion

Pet Peeve Pencil Topper :star-half:
Dragon Species Pendants :star-half:
Preparations for Kelpie Season :star-empty:

A Shelf in the Item Shoppe
~Fresh Baked Cookies/Kibbles/Jellys Daily~
A Shelf In The Item Shoppe - Fishing and Eating!! by DRACODOPTABLES

Places to Visit

~ Open Daily ~
Ye Olde Fishin' Hole by DRACODOPTABLES

The Master Tailor's Garden
~ Open Every Wednesday~
The Master Tailor's Garden - Open Wednesdays by DRACODOPTABLES

Travel Beneath the Wishing Well...
~ Open the 13th & 28th Every Month~
Ancient Shrine - 13th and 28th of each month by DRACODOPTABLES

Whisper a Wish, Toss in a Toy...

Wishing Well...
~ Little Caradoc is making Wishes~
:ninja: sneaky prize box :ninja:
A Blue Basic Little Alibi waits here for a Dragon to snuggle.

  • Eating: Gingerbread
  • Drinking: Eggnog
A message quietly arrived at Hermes' nest, and was stolen away by the Fool.

Proclaiming it's presence in loud bugles across all the Vale,

The Emperor of Entertainers brought much cheer.

"A Tailor is returning,
Big Plans are afoot!
Hold onto your threads,
We have much work!"

Contents of Letter:
    Dear Dragons,
I humbly hope that you are still here, and will forgive our long and unexpected hibernation. The time of my return is near, and while things will be hectic, and there is much cleaning to do, I rejoice that I will once more be able to see to your every stitch and fluff. I look forward to playing with the Vale's Visitors once again, as well. I will explain things more clearly soon.
        Your ever-loving weaver,
            Master Tailor Silver

A ~Generous Giver~ has donated a Poof of Pet Peeves to the Community. They will be available by Raffle on this Poll. There are 5 individual Pet Peeves available, so there will be five winners! 

5 deviants said :heart: Thank you, Generous Giver! :heart:
2 deviants said :la: Sign up in a comment here, with a Link to the Dragon which will get the Prize, should you be one of the Lucky Winners. :eager:

Join the Squish! Box up your Dragon Today~

Plush Dragon Army ~RAWR!~

Fully Fledged Minions may claim x3 Trinket Keys for their Hoards! No Hoard? Claim x3 Fel Coins.

My Stuffed Dragon - Minion Symbol by DRACODOPTABLES BASE. Show Off Your Plush Appreciation!


Plz Accounts For Your Pleasure!

Eggs ~:iconleafyeggplz::icondrakeyeggplz::iconchubbeggplz::icongoldeneggplz::iconsilvereggplz:

Species ~:iconleafyplz::iconkelpieplz::iconessencedragonplz::iconchubbdragonplz::icontattyfoundlingplz:

Dragons ~:iconalexandraplz::iconbahamut-plz::iconhermes-plz::iconthefoolplz::iconhemlock-plz::iconcommunity-dragon:

Miscellaneous ~:iconmistyvaleplz::iconhoardplz::iconsmallkeyplz::iconsmalllockplz::iconamaranthine-leafyplz:

:icondragonschest01plz::icondragonschest02plz: <<<Plushy Dragon w/Cookie.
:icondragonschest03plz::icondragonschest04plz: (It hides things around the Profile)

Our Awesome Partners in Pets!!

~~~~~ :dummy: Active Last We Checked: :dummy: ~~~~~


~~~~~ :noes: On Hiatus? :noes: ~~~~~


:icondragonwant: Would you like to affiliate with us?

:salute: Unless we have asked you, here are a few things you need to check:

:bulletblue: Is your Agency fully set up?
:bulletblue: Do you have clear goals in mind for your Agency?
:bulletblue: Do you have adoptables posted, and do you post them regularly?
:bulletblue: Do you use your own lines? If you are using other peoples lines (such as those from around DA for coloring) You may as well stop right here. If you are using someone else's lines, but they were designed specifically for you, let us know!
:bulletblue: Why do you have an Agency?
:bulletblue: Have you stolen/copied other Agencies work or unique ideas?
:bulletblue: Is there another Agency to which we are already affiliated which will give you a good reference?
:bulletblue: Are you at least three months old?
:bulletblue: Are you a Shelter, or an Adoption Center? We do not affiliate with Shelters.
:bulletblue: Do you plan to be around for the long term (years) or jsut for summer break?

If you would like to affiliate, and believe your Agency can hold up to this scrutiny, please send us a Note about it, we will be happy to review your Agency and let you know what our decision is. And don't worry, we are very friendly!

Those affiliation requests not sent by Note and clearly answering these questions will be ignored, as we will know that you have ignored this section. Thank you and have a nice day. (:

New Rules, as DA Changes.

Editing your Comments:
We will allow edited comments, but only in specific circumstances.
Correcting typos and such in a conversation is allowed, if a prize or adoption attempt is not involved,
2. If a prize or adoption attempt or such is involved, you may only edit your post before getting a response from us, AND
3. So long as someone else has not already correctly posted before you can edit. (Who would get it if you were not able to edit.)
4. This ought to explain our stance pretty well, but we reserve the right to make decisions on the spot about issues as they come up.
5. Attempts to hide bullying, harassment, or other such negative behaviors, when seen or affected by, are to be reported by note with link to offending comment(s), and guilty parties will be penalized as we see fit.

Further, if we need new information, you need to make a new comment. Do Not, for example, post an adoption form and then (once you have the Dragon) alter the original post to add name, likes, dislikes, etc. That stuff goes in a new comment. :)


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Experimentor-Iblis Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016
Hope you had a good holidays and that life is going a bit more better for you; Take care tailors! we all look forward to when you return =3

Kalik-ing-Away Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist
I miss you! I hope all is well! 
yurizemira All is well, isn't it? Nothing bad has happened? 
yurizemira Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
Everything is fine. :) Real life has stepped in in a major way, that's all.
TashaWasha Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm nosy and just saw this like a good sneak - TELL THEM I SAID I MISS THEM AND I HOPE EVERYTHING'S OK AND STAYS OK IF IT IS OK. :heart:
yurizemira Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015
:salute: I shall relay this message and I'm sure it'll bring them cheer! :D
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